Responding With Love

23 February, 2015

This week was really quiet, which was a real blessing after last week’s chaos. We had interviews with President Hall (mine took all of five minutes, because I have my departing interview with him next week), Hunter was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost, we taught some lessons, and enjoyed a little rain.

It was adorable, after Hunter was confirmed, his cousin (who was confirmed last week), rushed up the aisle to give him a huge hug. They were so excited. Hunter, who isn’t super affectionate, came up after Sunday school to give me a huge hug, and said, “you were right!” We had talked a lot about how the Holy Ghost feels and what confirmation is, because he had been so nervous. He was all smiles afterwards, carrying around the scripture case we had made for him for his little set of scriptures (we bought him the military edition of the scriptures… best $8 investment ever!).

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on what I’ve learned as a missionary over the past 18 months here in California. It hit me this week after a few frustrating incidents came up, that I’ve really been taught a lot about patience and love. Sister Marsh and I got super blind-sided by something this week, and I was thinking about how I would have responded even six months ago. Not much fazes me now, I’m happy to report. I feel like my mission has really balanced me out, in a way. I figure I can sum it up this way: I now know how to best respond with love, no matter the situation. It’s been a long, bumpy ride with an incredible learning curve, but it’s totally been worth it. I think it would take me a million hours to email everything I’m thinking, and everything I’ve learned.

I’m so grateful to have Sister Marsh as my companion. She’s absolutely incredible. We joke that we’re the same person – we have so many similar habits, tastes, and practically the same sense of humor. It’s pretty insane. We have a little too much fun while we’re out working.

I’m so grateful to be a missionary!!

Sister Red


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