How Far is That Plane?

January 20, 2015

That is the absolute worst thing to ask a missionary, by the way. It’s code for, ‘how long do you have left in the mission?’ And it’s absolutely terrifying.
This week we have transfer calls, which means I am entering my last transfer before I pack up and head home. It’s freaking me out. Just over seven weeks.Thankfully, we have a lot of people we are working with to keep my mind off of it. We taught a lot this past week, but it still felt pretty slow because we weren’t able to really contact a lot of people. Though we had an unheard of number of investigators at church – six! The assistants called on Monday morning to ask how we did it. I wasn’t fully awake, so I just told them we rented a bus with our MSF (our monthly allotment of money for food) and picked up all our investigators. They weren’t exactly amused, but accepted it without much fuss. ;)
We had zone conference this week in Granada Hills with all the English/Korean/ASL missionaries in the valley. It was good to get some training about the upcoming plans for 2015 in the mission, and to see all my missionary friends. The hardest part was being called upon to share my departing testimony, as this is my last zone conference. It was SO much harder than expected, honestly. I got up there, and have no idea what I said, short of remembering how hard I was clutching my scriptures and how I was trying my best to avoid looking at my missionary friends in the eye. Elder McCauley came up afterwards and just said, “you are not allowed to ever do that again. You gave me a heartattack. You’re not going home.”
If only!
Though it was a real honor to share my departing testimony with so many elders that I have come to love and respect, as well as my MTC companion, Sister Lewis. I was called on to share mine before her, and as I was leaving the pulpit and she was approaching it, we both reached out to pat each other on the shoulder… it looked more like we were trying to shove each other, so the mission got a good laugh. But it was still so hard.
I’ve been able to spend a lot of time in the scriptures this past week, which has been a huge blessing. I’ve received a lot of insight from the examples in the scriptures, as well as the Spirit that I feel when I read. I’m so thankful for it.
We had some awesome lessons this week with our investigators, revolving again around prayer. It seems to be the most common need we find as missionaries – people are constantly looking to receive that comfort and guidance that comes with prayer, and that peace that comes from communicating with a loving Heavenly Father. I have found a lot of comfort and strength from it myself this week.
I’m grateful to have the opportunity to spend another transfer here in the field. It’s been a huge blessing to serve here in California the past 16 months, and I expect that this might just be the best transfer yet.

But please, don’t ask me how far the plane is (you know who you are…). ;)

Love, Sister Redner


One thought on “How Far is That Plane?

  1. I have to admit I am one of those who always asks “How long do You have left?” haha, now i feel bad and have to apologize to the elders. Thanks for what you do, I admire all of you for the serving the lord away from your families. God Bless!

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