Meet the Mormons and RS Broadcast

September 29, 2014

The week of transfers is always ridiculous. You set out to get a lot done, and then come Sunday night, you realize that you weren’t able to get most of it done because of the meetings that inevitably pop up. Transfer meeting itself was ridiculous – there was practically a dog pile in the Granada Hills zone section when Elder Quizon was transferred in to be companions with Elder Villejo. Our Filipino Branch lives on!!! (Elder Quizon is from the Philipines, but lived in Alexandria, Virginia before his mission). We were also pretty excited when one of the Korean elders, Elder Yang, was transferred into Van Nuys for his first stint in English work. I’ve worked with both Elder Quizon and Elder Yang before, and they’re just crack-ups. This week, on Wednesday, we had the opportunity as a mission to screen the film “Meet the Mormons” which will be in theaters starting October 10th. It was pretty hilarious to see a ton of missionaries crammed into a chapel watching a movie – I think we were all a little too excited.

“Meet the Mormons” is basically a documentary following a group of very diverse members throughout the world, from a philanthropist in Nepal to the head coach of the United States Naval Academy football team. Definitely suggest it. :)
We were able to watch the General Women’s broadcast as a stake Relief Society, which was a real blessing. The speakers focused on temples and covenants, as well as obedience to the commandments. I loved President Uchtdorf’s comments on the innately divine nature of God’s children and it’s correlation to discipleship. We were able to bring an investigator, Lorraine, and that talk was just perfect for her. I think we all have the concern of being loved, but when we understand fully the nature of God’s love for His children, the pieces begin to fall into place.
After the broadcast, we had a patio dinner (none of us knew our stake had a patio…) and were treated to free waffles from the local waffle truck. I was in heaven. So good!
In Sacrament meeting yesterday we had a really cool experience. We have a lot of kids in our ward with autism, and one of the boys just bolted up to the pulpit to bear his testimony. At first we weren’t sure what he was doing – he tends to escape us sometimes – until his dad carried him up to the pulpit. You couldn’t understand the words he was saying, but you could feel so strongly his love for Jesus Christ. It was a really special moment to witness, especially considering I’ve been privileged to see a lot of the Primary kids in the ward grow in the past five months, but also over the course of the year I spent away. I remember Scott being totally non-verbal a year ago, and now he’s dashing to the pulpit during testimony meeting to share what he knows about the Savior.
Sorry for the sparse email today – my attention span is shot for the week. Love you all!

Sister Redner

PS – our stake president sounds like John Wayne. It’s pretty epic.
Picture 1 – a comic of Elder Yang’s reaction to serving in English work.
Picture 2 – I found a mini Toblerone! My life is complete!!

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