Short Note, much love!

So.. I’m not being transferred from Chatsworth!! But Sister Attanasio is, which I’m pretty bummed about. I love her so much and am so thankful that I’ve been able to learn from her this past transfer. We’ve become good friends. I know she’s going where the Lord needs her (on bike, bless her soul), and am excited to send her off and know that she’ll be changing lives. I am bummed that my other missionary friends are being transferred too, but the work goes on!

This transfer is going to be interesting as I’ll be the only missionary in Chatsworth that knows the area with my new companion and our elders coming in. Thankfully the Ward Mission Leader and his wife offered to help me out in getting them used to the area.
Guess what? I interpreted my first meeting yesterday for Beverly! It was a challenge, but I really enjoyed it. I interpreted Gospel Principles without too many issues and was so pumped. But by the end of the three hour block, I was exhausted. But I love it! It’s something I will definitely continue throughout the mission and afterwards. Beverly told me at the end of the lesson, “you make great faces!” I almost died.
Thanksgiving was quiet. We had dinner with a member and spent most of the day trying to contact with no avail. There was no one on the streets, no one home, it was a bit of a bummer. But it was nice to just have a quiet day.
Most of the week has been spent getting ready for the new area and doing a lot of less-active work. Even when it’s slow as all get out, I love this work with all my heart. It is such a blessing to be able to share the most important thing in my life with others who have spent a long time looking for it.
Sorry this is such a short email, things are crazy getting Sister Attansio ready to be transferred. I love you all so much!!
Love,Sister Red

Disclaimer:  Meg sent this last week and I didn’t realize it did not upload.  Sorry!

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