A Little Missionary Love

The internet is down at our stake center today, so Sister Attanasio and I are writing from the Apple Store. It is so chaotic that I can hardly focus!

This week was quiet. I was sick for the majority of it with a bilateral ear infection that, in combination with the antibiotics, really kept me under the weather. Fevers are no fun in California where you can’t find a cool spot to curl up because the sun shines through every window! And if I have to eat any more yogurt, I’m going to throw a fit. Several other missionaries in our zone have been sick as well, so it’s been a slow week for the majority of the Canoga Park zone. Sister Attanasio has been a champ, being stuck inside the apartment all week. I taught her to make hair bows for her sisters, and I think she’s made about 3-4 dozen. I just love her!
I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is around the corner, time has flown by so fast since I’ve gotten to California. We are really working from scratch here in Chatsworth because of how poorly our area book has been kept. We have very few records for recent converts, let alone any former investigators and potential investigators. We have been praying so very hard for the elders that will be coming to Chatsworth in December, that they will be up for the task ahead of them.
Every day I am more and more thankful for the members who work so hard to help us, even though they don’t know quite how to do so. Our ward mission leader, Brother Summers, gave a fantastic talk this week about member missionary work. He told us before hand he was hoping it would be the Gettysburg address of member missionary work, and he was 100% on target. A lot of the members came up to us afterwards to ask us how they could help us, and several offered ideas on how to work the area. We work closely with our Bishop as well, and he’s stoked about the area split.
We ate dinner with a couple last night who were mission presidents in the 80s in Illinois. Talk about daunting! Sister Attanasio threw me under the bus midway through and informed me I would be offering the spiritual thought. It went well, and Brother Lamb likes the fact that I love Isaiah. Sister Lamb told me to pay no mind to him mumbling references to scripture under his breath. He memorized a scripture a day while serving his mission as a young man. Two years worth of scripture in that man’s head, at least.
I am so excited, we got word that the English, ASL, and Korean missionaries will be having a temple trip on December 17th with President and Sister Hall! Best Christmas present ever! Especially since the temple will be all decorated for the holidays and we will be able to go into the visitors center to look at all the creche displays (with Nativities from all over the world. They have a similar exhibit in the Washington, DC temple that I just love).
That’s pretty much all for this week. I love you all, and am so thankful for your love and support, and of course your letters that I get throughout the week! Have a wonderful and blessed week, and remember that the day is what we make of it.
Sista Red
PS – somehow my ward thinks I’m from Canada. I don’t understand. But I did meet a sister in my ward who lived in Hamden for a few years and she was so excited that I knew where it was. She’s Jamaican, and when I told her I was in the Cromwell ward, she said, “Oh, I loved visiting the Carmell ward!” Love it!

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