Hello, Goodbye

I’ve spent the last 48 hours trying to figure out what to call this email. I’m being transferred to a new area. I’m surprised too. It’s been a chaotic weekend trying to say goodbye to investigators and members, packing, and figuring out all I need to do before I head up to Santa Clarita. I won’t know where I go til Tuesday morning at transfer meeting. I’m pretty bummed to be leaving, but excited to see where and who I will be serving with. The transfer call was totally unexpected, especially since I’m only 6 weeks into my training, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. The shock is finally wearing off as I try to figure out how to pack and get everything organized. Several others in my zone are being transferred too – Elder Ahn, Sister Bishop, Elder Larman, Elder Shroeppel, Elder Smith, and a few others. So we’re all spending our last p-day together in the family history center signing each other’s transfer journals (mine is coolest).

Friends in Life

Friends in Life

Granada Hills Sisters

Granada Hills Sisters

I had to teach Elder Stucki and Sister Kemp the Banana song one more time before I head out, the one from when I was a kid in the Methodist church in Greencastle. “I like bananas! And mangoes are sweet! I like papayas! But nothing can beat the sweet love of God! do do wop, a doo doo wop, a do do wop, do wop!” If anyone remembers the rest of the lyrics, send them over. Sister Kemp told Sister Hall about it, and I’m fairly certain that I’ll be teaching it at the next Zone Training Meeting. Blegh.

This week felt crazy busy – we did a TON of contacting and finding since almost every single one of our appointments fell through. We met some pretty cool people, and was able to go Visiting Teaching with one of the sisters in our ward, Nikki. She’s so fun to go with, because she brings out her old tag and just teaches like she hasn’t been a day off the mission. I made some comment, and she laughed and whacked me royally with her cane (by the way, she’s blind). It’s always a blast teaching with her.
We had another FHE with the Casillas family. We taught them about the armor of God and the importance of being faithful. The little ones had a blast with the cardboard armor we made, and Alaysa insisted on wearing my badge as part of her armor. It was absolutely adorable.
Saying goodbye to Jorge, Miguel and Esmeralda

Saying goodbye to Jorge, Miguel and Esmeralda

Sr Steward, Alaysa, me, Amy and Logan

Sr Steward, Alaysa, me, Amy and Logan

My last dinner in the area was with the bishop’s family last night. It was a blast, and we were able to extend to them Elder Ballard’s challenge to each share the gospel with one person between now and Christmas. Bishop then mentioned that he wanted to do Living Christmas Cards with the ward and the missionaries. Essentially, the ward orders a bunch of Christmas/Nativity DVDs and they sign up to have the elders or sisters hand deliver them to friends and neighbors with a message about Christ as a gift for the season. I am hoping that my next Bishop will try and do the same thing, because it sounds like a great idea that is a really productive finding tool.
Sorry it’s such a short email this week – we have to go pack up all my things. I love you all!
Sista Red



One thought on “Hello, Goodbye

  1. Did you ever find the music to this? I’m a preK teacher and I also remember this song from my youth group days. I’m doing a 50’s theme and need some music! Thanks!!

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