How To: Dear Elder

I realized that some might not have used Dear Elder before, so I thought I would do a quick how-to to help you familiarize yourself. It’s easier than writing a physical letter, and it’s free while I’m in the MTC. Once in California, it’s the cost of a postage stamp. The cool thing about using it while I’m in the MTC is that if you send it before 12:00 pm MST, Monday thru Friday, I will receive it that evening!

Step 1: go to

Step 2: click the ‘write a letter’ tab. dear elder how to 1 Step 3: Select either ‘Provo MTC’ (prior to September 9) or ‘California San Fernando.’

Step 4: click ‘write a missionary.’Dear elder how to 2

Step 5: enter your address and mine (will be posted and updated on APG under the “contact me” tab).

Step 6: write your letter.*dear elder how to 3

Step 7: click ‘send letter’ when you’ve finished! I’d love to hear from you – letters are a missionary’s best friend! And I have a lot of stationary to use up to write you back!

*sometimes it might be easier to write your letter in a word document and then copy/paste it into the letter area, in case it somehow shorts out – the site does not save what you’ve written.


One thought on “How To: Dear Elder

  1. Meg!
    What a great post; thank you!
    Can’t wait to ‘Dear Sister’ you :)
    Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! So soon!!! (although you have prepared for years :)
    My biggest smile and hugs send you off with joy!! Know when you struggle we are all praying for you, even holding you upright; and then, we shall see you, our Meg, even skipping down those streets (in your cute shoes) with your beautiful smile radiating to the world.
    All my love to you, Sister Meg💟

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