Assigned. Again.

So remember that time when we all thought my call had been assigned and was supposed to arrive today? And how we were all excited were? And how I literally sat on the couch waiting for the mailman, peering out the window the entire time?

Yeah, me too.

When my call didn’t arrive today, I shot a text to my bishop from BV. He’s a pretty amazing man, and called me right away. We were both confused. A few weeks ago, my papers had reached Salt Lake City and the status indicated that they had been received, reviewed, and were awaiting assignment. When he checked today, the status said that my papers had been received on May 1st. Two days ago. Even though they’ve been in Salt Lake for over two weeks. We pinned it down to a glitch.

Then I got a text a bit ago from my Stake President in BV. Nope, I was actually assigned today.

It has been a very long, tiring, stressful day.

Somehow, my papers floated around in some sort of missionary limbo for two weeks.

If nothing else, these past two months have taught me patience. SO MUCH PATIENCE.

I got frustrated, because it seems like every step of the way has been challenged. First my ID gets lost between Lexington and Buena Vista. Then my dental papers get misplaced. Now this.

But I know that Heavenly Father needs me at a very specific time in my mission. I learned that from a dear friend and role model, who has a similar story (thank you, Esther!).

So, friends. I have been assigned… again! ;)

I know that all of this has happened for a reason, and I’m so thankful for all your support, love, and encouragement!

Soon to be Sister Redner :)


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