My Mission Papers Miracle

My call is being assigned today, fingers crossed. It’s been a long process, and I’ve hardly been able to keep up, it seems. I’ve learned a lot along the way.

My ID arrived in the mail last week, after having to be reissued. Somehow the first one got lost between Lexington and Buena Vista. How, I have no clue. Lexington is the town over, and it’s not that big. I stopped to check the mail that day out of habit, thinking that it probably wouldn’t arrive until the end of the semester, and I’d finish my papers at home. When I saw an envelope in the box, I nearly screamed with excitement. I could hardly open it fast enough and sprint out of the office to my house. I got my papers sent into my bishop within half an hour of getting home. My poor housemates had been waiting as eagerly as I had, and knew as soon as I burst into the house that it had finally come.

I got an appointment with Bishop Moss that evening. Cue the miracle.

My dental papers have been through the ringer. They got lost in the dental office, and my dad had to go in an ask (politely?) them to find it, and he sent it out himself for me. It was nearly two weeks after I had gotten them filled out. As I was sitting in Bishop’s office, he was looking high and low for the envelope containing them. Was it at his house? Was it in his other office? Had it somehow been lost entirely? He searched every drawer, folder, and envelope.

I was getting anxious, having hoped that my papers could be submitted to the stake president that evening.

The thing about Bishop is that he reads me incredibly well, and isn’t afraid to let me know that. He’s been an amazing influence and teacher since  my first semester here, three years ago. I am so blessed to be in his ward as I prepare to serve.

He reached over to open his scriptures, and lo and behold, there sat my dental papers.

Who carries dental papers of a prospective missionary around in their scriptures?

The crazier thing is, he’s an Institute teacher. He had been in his scriptures and teaching from them the entire day, without them being there.

Miracles happen. I know this with all my heart. God’s timing is perfect, and everything coming together in 2 days reminded me of that.

I met with the stake president the next evening, another little miracle. With all the students preparing to serve missions in our stake, President Brotherson and his counselors are extremely busy conducting interviews and working with members for their missions, but also counseling with them on other personal matters. President Brotherson, President Jones, and President Clark are each extremely busy. It was a huge blessing that I was able to get in to see President Brotherson the day after I gave a call to his secretary.

I spoke with him for roughly an hour about missionary work and other things. I couldn’t contain my excitement in the least – I was practically humming as I sat before him. I could hardly sit still. He bore a powerful testimony, and the Spirit filled the room. I knew that what I was doing was right and that it was all coming together at the perfect time.

It’s a week later, and my call is being assigned by one of the brethren today. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it all morning. I am so ready to know where the Lord needs me. The doubting Thomas in me worries about where I will be called, but I have been praying morning and night, asking my Father to give me confirmation that where I am assigned is where He needs me the most. Be it Utah or the Ukraine, I know that I will soon be on my way to where I am needed, to find the people that are specifically out there for me to teach, as well as to learn from.

I received news that one of my best friends will be receiving his call about a week after I do. He is going to be such a wonderful missionary, where ever he is called, because he already is one. He loves the Gospel, and connects with people in a way that you don’t often find in people. Soon another dear friend will be submitting her papers, and I am so excited for her to begin the process. She helps me to keep focused, even though she’s far away in Idaho, and I am blessed to be able to prepare alongside her.

My little sister keeps guessing where Mark and I will be called. She wants me to go to Russia, and Mark to Ghana. My institute teacher’s son has told me firmly that he’s praying for me to go to England. “Not New England, Old England.” I know that wherever Mark, N’Krysta, and I are called, Stateside or foreign, it will be perfect for each of us.


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