A Step Closer to the Call

Exciting news! All my preliminary medical and dental requirements have been done, and all that I’m waiting on is a state ID (because I fail at being a “certified” American citizen) and a few interviews with the stake presidency. Knowing I have 14 days until my papers are able to go in makes me anxious – I’m excited, nervous, stoked, and terrified all in the same moment. All that I’m completely sure of is that I can’t wait until I receive my call.

On Sunday, Dain and I met up to take photos to attach to our recommendation forms. All I could think about as I took Dain’s photos (she’s adorable and incredibly photogenic even if she doesn’t think so) was that I was taking a step closer to putting my papers in, receiving my call, and entering the mission field. My excitement is mounting, and I find it hard to focus on schoolwork because I’m so focused on preparing (don’t worry, I’m still doing well in my classes).

It’s been a bit nerve-wracking, all this waiting, but I know it’s a good lesson in patience, and also provides me with time to continue preparing, to finish up the scholastic year, and to spend time with friends and family before I enter the field.

This, friends, is Dain. She’s so beautiful and lovely. She put her recommendation in yesterday, and I couldn’t be prouder! I can’t wait to see where she is called to serve, because she’s going to be a wonderful sister missionary. How do I know? Because she’s one of my best friends, and already has done so much good with her blog.


I figured I would share the best of the photos we took yesterday – the final one will be attached to my papers for the brethren to see while assigning me my call. I’m one step closer!!!!!!!



The one below is the one I’m actually using for my papers – the one the brethren will see!

fin-6This one is my favorite. The one that tells you how excited I am to be so close to putting in my papers! I also think it’s Dain’s favorite too.

fin-3…Told you I’m excited.


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