“Something for You.”

This last week in Institute has been a lot of General Conference prep, and I’ve loved every second of it. Everyone has a count-down going on, and we’re bouncing ideas off one another on how to prepare. Sometimes it’s sharing favorite conference-friendly foods, and most of the time it’s thoughts on how we can make the most of it. A classmate shared an experience he had on his mission where he and the rest of his zone asked their investigators to write down their questions and concerns and give them a copy so they could keep an eye/ear out for any answers. Literally, he said, all of the questions asked were answered by one talk after another. Every single question was answered.

Last conference, I went in with questions and realized that I learned and absorbed so much more. I was looking for answers, and finding ones to questions I hadn’t even thought to ask. It was powerful and wonderful, and one of the most amazing conferences for me in that aspect. I am more apt to remember individual pieces of counsel, the anectedotes and the emotion behind their voices.

Brother M. shared this video in each of his Institute classes, and I found it a really powerful reminder and good preparation that if we attend conference with an open heart and have prepared, the Lord will speak to each of us. He, through his prophet and apostles, will address our concerns and answer our questions. He will counsel us, He will comfort us and strengthen us. In some cases, He will chasten us, but it stems from His love for us. He will teach us. He will say in so many blessed ways, “I love you.”

I am so excited for Conference, to have my questions answered, to be edified and comforted, and to feel that amazing love that my Heavenly Father has for me, and the love of His prophet and apostles.




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