“Zarahemla General Conference”

The end of March is one of my favorite times of year. It means that winter is finally melting into spring, that school is drawing to a close till next fall, that people are lively and happy and the sun is warmer. It also means that General Conference is near!

Yes, I’m one of those people who counts down to General Conference. And I’m not alone, because the last month of announcements in Institute have been “(x amount) of days until General Conference, brothers and sisters!” And it’s infectious. General Conference plans abound – wards are having picnics, Institute teachers are advising prayer and preparation, and there may or may not be some Conference bingo cards being created as we speak.

I doubt that it’s coincidence that we’ve been studying Mosiah in my Book of Mormon class with Brother S – “Zarahemla General Conference.” We called it that in seminary, but Brother S. has taken it to an entirely new level. We go in depth, sometimes verse-by-verse, looking for principles and doctrine. We’re big fans of the “if…then…” statements here at the BV Institute of Religion. This I am grateful for – it has entirely changed my study of the scriptures, especially of The Book of Mormon. It’s been a great exploration and so so so fruitful to be able to study Mosiah like that. It’s definitely gotten us all very anxious for General Conference.

It also helps that in both of my Institute classes, directly written into the syllabus and reading calendar is a day marked, “General Conference Review”!

We were talking about it yesterday in class, amused at how excited Brother S. was getting. Not surprising really – the two things he counted down to this year were the homecoming of his daughter from her mission (Tempe, Arizona) and General Conference. And quite honestly, she’s not even sure what he was more excited for!

We were chatting about how if you go to Conference with questions in mind – and hopefully in your journal – they’ll be answered in some form or another, whether it be in a talk given, a prayer, or even in one of the hymns. A lot of people shared stories about questions being answered, but I found one to be particularly cool. A guy, C. had served his mission in the San Diego, California mission (also, he was Brother S.’s son’s Zone Leader), and during General Conference one year, they had decided to all sit down (all the Elders) and write down a list of questions they had.

C. told us that all of them had a list of seven or eight questions, and that in rapid succession in the talks, one right after the other, their questions were answered. All of them in the Zone. Craziness!!

Needless to say, I know what I’m doing on my temple trip tomorrow!!

One thing that became a totally unintentional tradition that I’ve come to absolutely adore is going to the temple before Conference. I’ve been able to attend the temple within a few days of both General Conferences and Stake Conferences (we went to Boston the day before Elder D. Todd Christofferson came to our stake!). It helps me prepare and get my thoughts in order, and I find I’m much more receptive. I really love that it’s possible for me to go – it’s a coincidence, really. All other Buena Vista University wards are going next weekend – we’re the only ones able to go before Conference. So excited. I’ll have to post any photos I take. :)

I guess I really just wanted to share that I was so excited for Conference!! Also, two of my friends got their mission calls this week!! A girl from my homeward, M., has been called to the Budapest, Hungary mission. Funny story for that one – everyone guessed Italy and France, and a couple dozen other countries. None of us were right, except for an 8 year old back home! Talk about children being in tune with the Spirit!!

My other friend, J., opened his call tonight with his family, making us all wait to see where he was going. He was practically floating when we met up with him, and he made us wait for everyone to arrive. Then he made us guess. :) He’s been called to the Buenos Aires, Argentina mission, Spanish speaking (obviously). We’re so pumped for him, he was so excited he kept repeating himself. “It’s a place, you know. The capital!” We teased him mercilessly, but we’re so excited.

Makes me wonder what one of my General Conference questions will be!! :)


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