Pseudo Mormon Message

The past few days in my Book of Mormon Institute class, we’ve been plowing through 2 Nephi. This is one of my absolute favorite books in the Book of Mormon, because the majority of it is quoting Isaiah. I told Brother S. today, “I just love Isaiah!” It’s true, between BoM and my Thursday nights Isaiah class, I still can’t get enough. My scriptures look like a pack of crayons exploded all over the pages of Isaiah and 2 Nephi, and there are teeny tiny penstrokes everywhere that somehow form coherent principles and thoughts in the margins (or anywhere they’ll fit). My point is, you combine two of my favorite things, and I’m a happy girl. Isaiah + Nephi = some serious scripture lovin’ going on. ;)

I’ll probably go on about that more later, promise.

Somehow, today in Institute, we got to talking about how when a girl goes through chemotherapy and loses her hair, she feels ashamed. It’s a societal thing that’s been around forever, and it can make a beautiful and wonderful person feel blue (to say the least). Brother S., taking hold of the conversation, said, “A couple years ago, I saw this Mormon Message [this should have been a cue for us students…MMs are newish] about this girl who went through chemo, and was getting ready for her prom. Her date shows up, wearing a ballcap. She’s looking really beautiful, and he sweeps off his cap and smiles at her, all nice, you know? Like guys do when they really like a girl? [ps – who wears ‘caps’ anymore?] Well, he’d shaved off his hair that afternoon, all to support her…”

At this point, I had long since realized what he was talking about, and was trying to muffle my giggles. Those around me had gotten it as well.

He’d mistaken a Mormon Message for a Rascal Flatts music video.

We died laughing, especially when he tossed his hands up in the air, saying, “Mormon Messages, Rascal Flatts, same thing!”

Love it. But I guess the video for the song Sarabeth (Skin) would make a pretty decent MM!

… just another day in Institute. ;)


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