I’ve Got to Get to Institute!

Have you seen the new Institute video produced by CES, I’ve Got to Get to Institute? Getting to Institute is generally the most important part of my Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday evenings. I have Book of Mormon 1 Monday and Wednesday afternoons, after a long [fully packed] day of classes. My day starts with an America & the Enlightenment class, then I’m off to Leader Servant, then to German 2, followed by a literature class. Finally, after hours of classes back-to-back, I finally get to head over to the meetinghouse for Institute.

By this time, I’m more than ready for a quiet moment in the Institute building.

Today especially. Everything seemed to go awry today: a meeting I had this morning was cancelled, wasting almost an hour of time. Then I find out that I can’t register for classes because of some issues with financial aid. Then I find out that there are only two upper-division English classes next fall, which means I’m competeting with all the upperclassmen (both classes are required for an English major) to get a spot in those classes. I totally bombed a German quiz (how am I expected to remember that the word for tuition is die Studiengebühren? I am terrible at remember foreign language vocabulary… not to mention it reminded me of the whole financial aid/registration debaucle) and got singled out to answer a ton of questions that I struggled to find answers for.

In short, it was a rough day. Horrible.

Until I got to Institute. Brother S. always greets every student with a hello, a big smile, and a firm handshake. This makes me smile automatically, it’s so personal and it really says that he cares. It’s one thing I love about the Buena Vista Institute of Religion program. It’s personal. The classes are relatively small (last semester I had 7 classmates aside from myself while we studied the first half of the Old Testament), so you get to know your peers and your teacher pretty well. They know where you’re from, your major, what your plans are. They get excited with you over the little things and are over all amazing people. If I had my way, I’d spend all my time in the Institute building. The free candy doesn’t hurt, either. ;)

Throughout the day, the only thing in my head was “I’ve got to get to Institute!” I was looking forward to discussing last night’s reading (2 Nephi 4-8), because I’d found so much that I loved. I sometimes laugh, I love Isaiah so much, so I don’t understand why people don’t go to the classes where Isaiah is involved. Not being raised in the Church, but in the Methodist church, I realize that it’s probably because we studied Isaiah a lot. Brother S. always says, “if you’re looking for Christ, go to Isaiah.” It’s true – Christ is in every verse. It makes me so ridiculously happy!

Today’s lesson was just amazing, it made my day so much better. We talked about Nephi’s Psalm (2 Nephi 4), which is just so beautiful. Even though Nephi is dealing with the death of his father, Lehi, he still sings praises unto the Lord. I think that is an amazingly beautiful lesson in and of itself. There is just such sweet emotion when you’re reading it – essentially it’s Nephi bearing his testimony in a very profound way. I learn so much from those few verses, as well as the proceeding chapters.

Institute just totally turned my day around and made it seem not as rough. I’ve got a lot to think about and scrawl in my journal about (need to get better at that, that much was clear today as well!).

I’m just so glad I went to Institute!!

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it, by the way.

PS – SVU Institute is nothing like the Institute in the vid… there are ‘custody battles’ over students between teachers, bizarre object lessons and strange renditions of hymns, among other unique aspects of the Buena Vista Institute of Religion. Let’s just keep that in mind, yeah? :D


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