The Start

Today, being the first Sunday of the month, brings with it not only the monthly ward calendar, but fast and testimony meeting as well. Testimony meeting, being a time to bear personal witness, is thus a meeting of truths.

So I’ll be honest. I’ve been tossing an idea around in my head for several months, sure one moment, then completely unsure the next. The debate about whether or not I want to make this commitment to put my voice out there as a young Latter-day Saint has lasted several months. I tossed the idea back and forth, mulling it over and weighing it out in my mind. It seems so simple, really. Sit down, write a bit, then hit “publish.” The button is pretty non-threatening – a turquoise blue with white text. It’s not that intimidating, honestly. I have another blog, but this one is meant to be different.

The last couple of General Conferences have brought the encouragement of the General Authorities for members to utilize all their resources to share our faith with others, as well as provide strength for other members. So that was definitely some points for starting A Peculiar Girl. Another was that one of our 2011 University 4th Ward goals is to have each member establish a profile on But I wanted to go further than that. I often have the prompting to share things that I’ve come upon, lessons I was blessed to have in Institute or just thoughts on aspects of the Church and our faith. The thing is, I’m a naturally reserved person, so just striking up a conversation just doesn’t work for me. I’m so grateful then, to have this means of sharing. It means that I can heed the advice and strive for the goals that have been set before me.

So let’s begin this adventure, shall we?


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